Great Deal for These Beauty Products

I was browsing some photo albums in my external hard drive and saw this image. Yes, these are beauty products! I know for sure  ladies out there love these stuffs and you also love using these products especially when you go out of your home.

I had a great deal with these beauty products. I guess, I had over 50% discount when buying it.

It was the fault of my dear good friend who invited me to go sightseeing and shopping with her.  haha! Just kidding! We went to a store  and found some beauty items that are on sale. I truly had a great deal with these items.  I got Revlon  mascara,  Revlon nail colors, face powder and  eye brushes for  very cheap prices.

I always love shopping for items with red labels or red tags  on it. It means, they are on sale! More on that, it also means  saving some bucks!  Shopping would be great if I always see red labels on it.  What do you think folks?

Happy shopping everyone! Stay beautiful too inside and out!

7 thoughts on “Great Deal for These Beauty Products

  1. I love good bargains and great finds! I get my beauty loots from the Glambox I am subscribed at for a year. I have used some already and I am enjoying the element of surprise when you get the next one bec you don’t know what’s inside!

  2. OMG. I am a beauty junkie! Especially if they are on sale! The malls here recently had a sale on drugstore brands as well like loreal and maybelline. No amount of beauty products is enough for us beauty junkies right?

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