Window Shopping Online for Cheap SD Cards

Hello peeps! I am back to blogland! Wow,  it is quite a long time since my last update here. I have so many things to share from my shopping escapades but  it seems that I am always getting so busy. This full time job is really  consuming my time. lolz! Just kidding folks. I am actually thankful that after 8 years of being jobless, roaming around the planet, I am finally back home again.   Continue reading Window Shopping Online for Cheap SD Cards

Looking for Cheap Bathroom Accessories and other items on Sale

Another week is about to end.  I just took a look in the calendar in front of me and saw that next week will already be the last week of February. Times truly  runs so fast and we will be the approaching the month of March.

Let me share to you now about our visit to the hardware store in the  next town last Monday.  The main purpose why I went there  is  to buy a brassiere or commonly known as bra. I saw it in a weekly  ad and it was really very cheap.  When we arrived at the store, there were only 3 bras  left. I guess,  I went too late already. Good to know that  one perfectly fits for my size.

Bathroom Accessories at the hardware store. They have a lot of choices but it is quite expensive compared to the discount stores.

fter I bought it, we proceeded to the hardware store nearby. Hubby wanted to buy a working pants. He  was very disappointed  because there was nothing on the shelf.  He went to the information and  asked if there are some in the stockroom. The customer service representative said that they don’t have it. Imagine we drove for around 20 minutes there and if it  is the only reason  of our trip, then we were only wasting our time and gasoline. Continue reading Looking for Cheap Bathroom Accessories and other items on Sale

Last Minute Valentine’s Gift ideas

In other  countries  the celebration of Valentine’s  Day already begins. This is  time to express  love and care  to your love one. Some of you might still be looking for a unique  and impressing  Valentine’s gift ideas. Finding for for  last minute presents can be   very  stressful. I agree,  it is better to find one than  nothing at all.

This special day should be a memorable one for you and your love one. Therefore,  check these last minute  Valentine’s gift ideas.

A Romantic Dinner in a Restaurant

You might not go out  so often with your special someone or your sweetheart. It is still not to late to book a good quite restaurant in your area for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.

A  Bouquet of Flowers and  Chocolates

I bet  some  of you don’t do this  all the time. Giving your love one a bouquet of flowers coupled with chocolates that  are heart-shaped is indeed a great idea. Flowers are one of the weaknesses of women. For sure, they will be happy when receiving one. Continue reading Last Minute Valentine’s Gift ideas

Great Deals for Winter Clothing and Accessories

Do you want to save money when shopping for winter  clothing and accessories? Why spend money on expensive stuffs when you can buy it for a cheaper price?   This is the best time of the year to find great deals for winter  clothing and accessories in Europe.


Buying  Sale items Instead of Window Shopping 

Not really a good things of  doing the shopping hobby.  yay! Last week, I and some friends  went to the mall in Regensburg. I only want to go for window shopping since I am saving money for a great holiday this year.  While inside H&M, I saw a lot of  items that are on sale. Imagine  getting discounts of up to 75 percent and even more.  I ended up buying winter caps,a  legging, passport holder and a case for  sunglasses. Continue reading Great Deals for Winter Clothing and Accessories

Window Shopping for a Notebook

I guess, I need to ask  to Santa for a present this coming holiday season!  I only  have one wish this  Christmas in terms of electronics, and that is a new notebook.   I already have a problem with  my old one. My Asus  notebook is quite getting older now and I am  thinking of getting a new one.

One of the notebooks I was trying to window shop in an electronic store.

Tonight, I did some window shopping online for different brands of notebooks.  I already found some which are very better than what I am using right now. Continue reading Window Shopping for a Notebook

Great Deal of Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox CD Album

I finally have it! I was planning to buy the a CD Album entitled Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars since last month. When I went grocery shopping two weeks ago, I found a lot of CDs for sale in this store. I was surprised because I saw this album on CD. This is the first CD album I bought  of  Bruno Mars. I have been listening to his songs  in the internet or over the radio. I told myself, when I will find a great deal of this CD, I will surely buy it.


For me, Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox is an excellent album. Bruno stays true to his pop/soul style while showing that his voice is capable of numerous styles. I love listening to pop music and Bruno Mars voice seems to be perfect for this kind of music. He simply has a voice that ranges from gritty to being smooth, soulful, sharp, and gentle. Oh well, that is  how I called it and I truly love his voice.

It is always a joy for me listening to his CD from time to time. For me, he seems to be the replacement of the late Michael J. His voice is simply amazing!

Included in this Unorthodox Jukebox CD album are the following;
Young Girls
Locked Out of Heaven
When I was your Man
Show Me
Money Make Her Smile
If I Knew

For only 7.99 Euros, I already found  it a great deal.  In Amazon,  it cost from  $11.00 to $18.00 plus shipping.   It was not really included in my grocery shopping budget but since it is cheaper compared to buying in  Amazon, I believed it was a good decision  to buy  it. Now, I am happily listening to his songs!

I love you Bruno Mars!

How to Find Great Deals When Shopping

Shopping is a part of our daily lives in this modern world. Whether you are shopping for new cars,  electronics, gadgets, clothes, home decors,  furniture,  grocery items and other  products, you can always find great deals in any store or shops.

Here are some tips you can do on how to save some bucks when shopping for anything.

Check out flyers or advertisements.

If you live in the United States, Europe or  anywhere in this part of the globe, companies or businesses always promote their products or deals thru flyers, catalogues  or  leaflets.   You can always  find  great deals in  thru these form of advertisements. Continue reading How to Find Great Deals When Shopping

Great Deal for These Beauty Products

I was browsing some photo albums in my external hard drive and saw this image. Yes, these are beauty products! I know for sure  ladies out there love these stuffs and you also love using these products especially when you go out of your home.

I had a great deal with these beauty products. I guess, I had over 50% discount when buying it.

It was the fault of my dear good friend who invited me to go sightseeing and shopping with her.  haha! Just kidding! We went to a store  and found some beauty items that are on sale. I truly had a great deal with these items.  I got Revlon  mascara,  Revlon nail colors, face powder and  eye brushes for  very cheap prices. Continue reading Great Deal for These Beauty Products

Shopping for Souvenirs in Andorra

I believed travel and shopping always go together. Right folks? It really does not mean that you must go for a luxury shopping but for some who has thick wallets, this is not a problem at all.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA porcelain souvenir plate I bought from Andorra.

I always go shopping everytime I travel. I don’t mean here shopping for luxury items but shopping for things I love like buying souvenirs in any place or city I visited. Sometimes, when budget allows,  I also go for luxury shopping which I also did in some of my holidays. lolz! Continue reading Shopping for Souvenirs in Andorra

I Love This Cardigan from Mango

I really did not plan to go shopping in Andorra that time. As far as I can remember, our tour guide told us that shopping in Andorra is quite cheaper compared to some countries in Europe. If I am not mistaken, shopping there is also tax-free. I need to confirm this information because I only  read it somewhere. He was right about it, shopping in Andorra can be a great experience for shopaholics!

Gray cardigan from Mango in Andorra la Vella. I had the chance to visit this place last summer 2013.

One afternoon, after our sightseeing in Val de Nuria (a valley in the province of Girona, community of Catalonia, Spain), I decided to go walking in Andorra La Vella, the capital of Andorra. I went to some shops and found out that their prices are really cheaper. Continue reading I Love This Cardigan from Mango